The Story

Lyrically, Unforged’s album “Eye for an Eye” describes the life crisis of modern people who are left behind, injured or incinerated by society and who develop an addiction for blood, but also a desperate desire for love. It is quickly a concept album that tells a story. This begins with the song trilogy that sets the theme of the album: Liberation from inner pain. “Serial killer” describes the senseless search for killing, triggered by the pressure of society. “Eye for an Eye” is the answer: A relative of one of the victims of the serial killer wants revenge, commits vigilante justice. The song is the heart of the album: A melodic introduction alternates with the pent-up anger and hurt that is kept in the lyrics and is made audible musically through a progressive shout chorus. In the music video, the story is represented by actors, the band performs in an abandoned factory hall – the morbidity is palpable in every line. “Antihero” closes the trilogy, because now the victim’s avenger has to face justice. The other songs on “Eye for an Eye” also express what many people need right now: a musical act of liberation. And nothing could go better with a Ruhr area band that can meet men backstage over a can of beer.

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Eye For An Eye (Album)

Release Date : 1. October 2021
Format : CD