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Hard riffs, melodic groove, clear vocals and sinister shouts – if you thought that could not be done then UNFORGED will teach you a lesson. As the name UNFORGED promises, these guys don‘t beautify anything and let the unpolished from all of us be ‘unforged’

UNFORGED emerged from the famous Essen metal scene and was founded in 2018 by 19-year-old guitarist Mika Alva, his dad Nico Alva on drums and shouter/singer Chrys. The lineup was completed in 2019 by Chris Anthrop on bass and finally by Thommy Scar on the second guitar.

Their lyrics come straight from our lives and hit the nail on the head. Rampages? Criticism of regimes? Oppression in everyday life? The guys from Essen, Germany, are dealing with such, often difficult themes.

UNFORGED were able to get Corny Rambado (Rambado Recording / ao SODOM, Disbelief, Bonded, and others) and Dennis Koehne (Orden Ogan, Exumer etc.) for their debut single “Fight for Your Life” on board. The single convinces with sophisticated songwriting, which is catchy and really ‘unforged’.

The first long player “EYE FOR AN EYE” was recently produced by the same recording / mastering team, a music video for the title track has already been shot by REDWOOD RECORDINGS and will be released for the upcoming release of the album. For the selfproduced debut album, UNFORGED will talk to suitable labels and managements in order to receive professional release support.

UNFORGED is actually ‘ready to rumble’ and wanted to rock the stages again, unfortunately COVID-19 intervened and several gigs that had already been booked were canceled. The band has used the time to expand the program, is already working on the material for the next album and will take care of the promotion for the release of the debut “Eye For An Eye” in order to reach as many listeners as possible and to create a solid fan base.

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Mika Alva


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