After UNFORGED from Essen performed the song “Fight For Your Life” on stage in a raw version and received extremely good feedback from fans and promoters they are now sending the song to the world. With the debut single “Fight For Your Life” the groove/modern metal band UNFORGED presents itself to the public for the first time under this banner and is in the starting blocks of the production of the first album. The sound of the debut single is marked by groovy riffs and hard shouts what gives a fat mix, which also is owed to the production of Rambado Recordings (including SODOM, The Very End, Harkon and many more) and the mastering of Dennis Koehne (Orden Ogan, Exumer etc.). Also Marc Beste (The Very End, Onkel Tom Angelripper) was involved in the production and played the bass parts. “We are glad that we were able to get Corny Rambado and Dennis Koehne on board as support. They both knew exactly what the sound was about and were able to stage the song so perfectly. I think that the groovy overall mood paired with the catchy shouts will be kept in memory and you cannot wait to hear more,” says front man Chris. The song by UNFORGED enshrined in the famous metal scene of Essen in Germany can be heard, shared and downloaded on all popular streaming portals.